NUBWO เกมมิ่งคีย์บอร์ด NK-47 Viktor Gaming Keyboard


NUBWO nk-47 viktor gaming keyboard Rubber Dome Switch คีย์บอรืดใหม่ไฟ สวย มีไฟ 9 โหมด Rubber Dome Switch -semi-metalPlate -50 Million keystroke life span -104 keys Anti-ghosting 19 keys -Adjistable backlight control function and akey to turn off/ restore the backlight function the specific mode see the back of the description . -Fn+Q key to adjius the speed -Fn+wasd and interchange function -Fn+ Win_L lock Win and APP key function -Fn-[F1 - F2] multimedie functions Backlight color adjustable control function atotal of 9 mode of programs. -Synchronization FN+1 -Interval alternately bright FN+2 -Seperated Breathing FN+3 -Rear-End FN+4 -Diffusion FN+5 -Superimposed FN+6 -Superposition FN+7 -Point Contraction FN+8 -Backlight mode FN+9 support Windows / Mac OS


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